The Day My Hiding Places Were Discovered

I have no more hiding places for my mommy junk.  You know, the chocolate and soda you keep hidden away for a crazy day?  The boys know all of my hiding places.  And they used to find my goodies and eat/drink them openly, very proud of themselves for finding such sugary goodness.  Until today.  I opened the school room closet this evening and found a black and white blob on a lower shelf.  It was a half-eaten cream-filled cupcake.  Apparently someone was interrupted and had to abort the cupcake mission before completion.  Pre-packaged cup cakes aren’t really my thing and I have no idea how long this box of cupcakes was in the closet but there was 1.5 left.  My last hiding place has been discovered.  No more mommy junk.  Meditation doesn’t calm PMS the same way chocolate does, sweet little ones.  (Although, if said meditation wasn’t interrupted by sibling button pushing and unauthorized scissors use it might work must better.  In fact, the little hands that found the cup cakes were likely searching for scissors to finish the job on the couch they started a few weeks ago.)


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