The end of summer

Technically, it is very much still summer.  It was a beautiful day today with cooler temps but it still hit the low 90s.  Ugh!  I’m not a fan of summer or hot weather so I wait longingly for Fall each year and treasure every precious moment of Spring before it gets unbearable.

Yesterday we went to cheer on our fav college team who won their first game, though their defense is stinky.  *pout*  Today I spent hours on the front porch in the oversized rocker listening to lectures and watching the boys play.  Next week will be fairly busy so after I do a grocery run tomorrow and bake some things to freeze for the upcoming busy season I plan to do nothing.

Next week will be a bit busier than last week but a little less busy than the weeks to come.  Ds4 starts swim lessons to add to preschool and tumbling.  Ds9 has just one day of soccer practice but his first game on Saturday.

I’m determined to be done with my school work earlier than usual so that when I start my internship in mid-October I have less things on my to-do list!


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