Turf Toe!

Ds9 has turf toe.  And he played a whole soccer game with his turf toe.  Ugh!  There was a big crash not too long into the game that left my son on the ground writhing in pain and me thinking that he’d gotten hit in the face.  His coach helped him off the field and gave us a thumbs up but I was not convinced.  A little while later my son hobbled back onto the field and seemed to play fairly well.  We could tell something off but we figured it was the heat, the fact that this was the first soccer game of the season and that he was upset because the game was not going well at all.  (Yeah, we lost, like, 8-0.)

At lunch after the game he hobbled around the buffet and I assumed he was being a bit dramatic, cause, well, he has a history of drama.  *shrug*  When we got home, I realized that it was just as bad as he claimed.  I was explaining the injury to my husband this morning, who was still firmly in the the-child-should-be-an-actor camp and smacked his forehead and said, “TURF TOE!”  He asked my son a few questions, looked at his toe, and sure enough, it’s turf toe. 

Apparently as he was kicking the ball upward, another child was bringing his foot down hard and they met mid-air, my son’s toe was forced  down while his heel was still up . . . or something. 

Rec soccer doesn’t even start until tomorrow and Coach Dad needs his MVP.  I don’t know how I’m going to get him to sit out for a week.  The truth is that I’m not going to be able to get him to sit out.  He wants to play.  I have to trust him to not over do.  Hmmm.


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