I’d like to talk about age seven today.  Something magical happens to children at the age of seven.  They become quite human.  You begin to see all of the redirecting, scripting and modeling you’ve done begin to pay off.  Sure, temperament is temperament and personality is personality but the typical bordering-on-antisocial behaviour that is often displayed by the under-five set and again by six year olds at times seemingly disappears sometime after that seventh birthday.

My favorite thing about seven is that my boys have become more tolerant of each other.  When my oldest son was seven and my middle son five they would go outside to play and I would realize after thirty minutes or so that no one had come in to tattle because the other one wasn’t playing the game right or wasn’t sharing or *insert offense here*.  And now I see my middle son (who was seven in September) beginning to include the youngest (who will be five in January) in his games.  The level of cooperation is fantastic and that’s not because the four year old makes it easy.  silly

Yes, I love age seven.  So, hang in there mamas–especially those of you who, like myself, spaced those babies two or less years apart.  Soon enough you’ll get the cooperation, independence and peace that comes with seven!

We must learn to accept the fact that during their developmental years children cannot be expected to exhibit adult behavior. –Robert Mendelsohn, M.D.


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