New Year’s Day–Introvert Edition

Happy New Year!  Today my husband, oldest son and youngest son are out-of-town celebrating the new year with my in-laws.  My middle son and I are hanging at home.  He is feeling done with holiday partying and didn’t want to go.  While I can pull myself together and go do the social thing again, I was secretly glad that he didn’t want to go so I’d have an excuse to hang at home.  It’s a dreary day out–not great for traveling a couple of hours away.  It is a wonderful day for staying in and giving the lesson plans some attention.

Yes, ds7 and I are the most introverted in our family although my husband and oldest son are slightly more introverted than extroverted.  We’re still not sure about the baby.  We’ll know better in a few more years, I’m sure.

Anyway, ds7 and I stayed home.  Sort of.  The rest of the family wasn’t out of the driveway before he asked me if I could take him to spend his Christmas money.  Ha!  He knew he’d have a better chance of getting me to go as well as getting to go to as many stores as he wanted if he was the only child with me.  Smart kid!  So, off we went.  Four friends of Thomas, a bag of Twizzlers and a lunch from BK later we are back home to enjoy the quiet of the rest of this day.


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