I love coupons.  More than that, really, I love getting the most for the least.  I’ve been blessed to have a grocery budget that will allow us eat what we want.  I love to cook and bake and I have three boys who need convenient snacks throughout the day.  When my husband lost his job in April  we began to cut corners where we could.  We were fortunate to have plenty of savings so that we could have continued our same standard of living for at least a year, but cutting back was the smart thing to do.

I’d done The Grocery Game before, but found that the cost wasn’t worth it.  I did not want to put in the time to cut coupons and match them to sales and go to three different stores just to save $20.  Also, I tried to buy mostly organic foods free of artificial colors and HFCS as well as grass fed, free range meat and dairy products when I could find them.  It’s tough to find coupons or sales (let alone both at the same time!) on these products.  I began doing some extra research beyond the standard, fear-based blogs I’d read and made some decisions about what was important and what was not for my family.  For instance, I care less about organic milk and more about keeping my children’s sugar intake low.  We drink regular non-organic milk but we aren’t eating Pop-Tarts for breakfast.  (Although I love a good cereal sale and will serve it up at snack time!)

We made some other changes instead.  I cook more from scratch to avoid things like HFCS, artificial colors and flavors and to get more whole grain in our meals.  We eat meat no more than 2-3 times per week and rest of our meals are vegetarian.  I no longer bite my nails over artificial colors because my children do not have reactions to them and many of the foods containing them aren’t foods to be eaten on a daily basis anyway. Common sense and less fear.

So I said all of that to say this:  I love couponing and will be posting from time to time when I do well with saving money with couponing.


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