What’s goin’ on.

I had really good intentions of blogging regularly when I began this blog.  Then I had really good intentions of blogging regularly in January.  And even now I have the desire to blog like a blogger should but life just keeps happening.

So, here’s what’s going on in our life now as we enter the second month of this year.  (Already.)

I’m still chugging away at my MFT internship and loving it.  I truly love what I do although I struggle from time to time with thinking that I’m not really helping a client.  Usually a supervision session with my clinical director sets me on the right path and I soldier on.  I am an introvert, no question, but I could sit for hours and listen the stories people tell about their lives.  I think every person ever born has an incredible story and that we should all write an autobiography.  Even most seemingly average of people have amazing lives if you dig a little.  True.

The boys are ready for Spring.  Home schooling is going along well with Ds9 chugging through 4th grade level work and Ds6 moving on through the 2nd.  We are less than four months away from Ds5 graduating from preschool.  It’s bittersweet for us.  Without him in preschool I get back the time I spend carting him 20-25 minutes each way to and from school (love my quiet, country home, hate being 10-15 miles from everything.  And now with a detour that adds 10 minutes to the trip.  Agh!) but preschool is such a sweet time.  Plus I’m adding another home schooler and that means more work for me.  Don’t let me fool you.  I love it.

Grad school is going well and I have three more semesters.  I love school, really I do, but I vow that once I finish this degree I will NOT return to school until the children are in college themselves.  Of course, I’ll be working full-time, so I’m replacing school with work.  As much as I love school I’m glad to on the last leg of this particular educational journey.


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