Friday CVS trip

On Friday I did a little coupon shopping at CVS.  For $8.68 I bought five Dove brand deodorants and a Hydro 5 razor with the help of sales and coupons.  Then, I used the Extra Care Bucks I received from that purchase (as well as sales and coupons, of course) to buy 5 SoftSoap brand body washes for $6.20.  Next, I bought five Dove shampoos and conditioners and five Dove body washes for $32.35.  That purchase would have cost me $60 without sales and coupons.  AND, I got five dollars ECB back.  I didn’t expect the ECB on that purchase because I thought there was a limit of one, so I would have planned to buy the shampoos and body washes separately and saved a little more.  As it turns out, though, I needed Motrin for the children and there were no sales going on so I would have had to pay full price at Target.  Instead I used my $5 ECB at CVS and got it for $1.47.

I spent a total of $48.70 and saved $87.24.  Savings Success!


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