Must clean ALL the things!

One my favorite blogs has a funny post from which I stole the title of this post.

Tuesday is a crazy day usually.  Actually Monday-Wednesday are crazy days.  I work from 11-7 on Mondays and have an hour commute each way.  However, because I have to drop my youngest off at preschool around 9:00 on Monday I go ahead and go straight to work and get an extra hour before clients to do paperwork.  Oh, the paperwork.  On Wednesday I work from 10-5 but before heading into work I drive an hour to my parent’s house and drop off a kid or three.  Then I drive another half-hour to work from there and then do the same 1.5 drive in the evening.  Needless to say (although I’m gonna say it anyway!) Monday and Wednesday are wasted days as far as getting anything done around the house or outside of the house, for that matter.  But I love my job and I’m not complaining!

So, there is Tuesday in between.  On Tuesday I attempt to run ALL of the errands, clean ALL of the things.  I rarely succeed.  So, why do I have time to write this post on a Tuesday?!  Because while I took the middle boy clothes shopping this morning my husband and oldest boy cleaned ALL of the things!!  I cannot explain the relief and peace I felt when I walked into a clean house after spending the morning clothes shopping (yeah, it sounds fun, but  . . .) and trying to get a few food/household items I needed without a single coupon in my possession.

I knew when I came home I needed to clean, do school with the boys, cook dinner, go to ds9’s basketball game and attend class–although I’d be an hour late.  I really needed to re-organize my coupons, as well, but I knew there would never be enough time.  Instead, I came home to half of my battle (the cleaning) already done for me.  That is LOVE, folks.  Nothing but love.


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