Coupon Savings 2-25-11

I had a pretty good day of couponing today.  I was able to purchase over $360 worth of grocery and household items for less than $120.00.  The breakdown:

Publix–Spent $104.10 and saved $130.86

CVS–1st stop–Spent $4.50 and saved $57.38
2nd stop–Spent $0.00 and saved $24.70–I had a $10.00 GC which covered the total of $6.17

Winn Dixie–Spent $10.78 and saved $21.54

The first two pictures are my Publix haul and the last is WD and CVS combined.  The Publix pictures are missing two boxes of crackers and another Uncle Ben’s Rice pouch–I had help bringing the groceries and they didn’t make it all the way to the kitchen at first.  I also purchased two gallons of milk, not pictured.  The CVS pictures are missing several bags of Valentine’s Day candy that had to make a swift trip into a closet before they were spotted by little eyes.  🙂

I promise I will post soon about just how I’m able to do this, but to get started check out I Heart Publix and Southern Savers.

I have to admit that a year ago I would have look at these pictures and thought, “Who feeds their children this processed crap?!”  But then, a year ago, my husband had a different job.  A year ago I wasn’t doing a year-long unpaid internship an hour away from home.  A year ago gas prices weren’t $3.29 a gallon.  A year ago I could afford to be a food snob eat only organics and food that was less processed.  This year I’m still feeding my family well, planting my own semi-organic garden, and listening less to the scary bloggers and feeling great about how well we eat on half the grocery budget we used to have.  And I am grateful.


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