I started phase one of my veggie garden today.  Nothing quite like the peace I feel when planting tiny seeds.  They nourish my spirit now and later, my body.

This year I’m planting:

Carrots (Kaleidoscope Mix)
Peppers (Sweet Carnival Hybrid Mix)
Mesclun (Salad Mix)
Lettuce (All Season Butterhead Mix)
Pumpkin (Jack-of-All-Trades Hybrid)
Watermelon (Sugar Baby and Sugar Bowl Hybrid)
Squash (Butternut)
Squash (Butterstick Hybrid)
Broccoli (Majestic Crown Hybrid)
Tomato (Bistro Hybrid)
Corn (Ruby Queen Hybrid)
Eggplant (Black Beauty)
Cucumber (Tendergreen)

I’ll be putting straight into the ground:
Strawberries and Asparagus

I’m restarting my herb garden as well with:

Flowers this year are:
Daffodils (planted late, so we’ll see.)
Canterbury Bells (Cup and Saucer Mix)
Aster (Ocean Star Mix)
SnapDragon (First Ladies, Mixed)
Sweet Pea (Jet-Set, Mixed)
Salvia (Blue Bedder)

After picking my seeds, I would usually purchase several Jiffy Trays.

This year I decided it was cheaper to save soup cans and yogurt containers for my seeds, but I had three Jiffy Trays left over from last year.

The next step is to put a sticker on the bottom left-hand corner of the Jiffy Tray so that I can tell which side is which and which tray is which.

Add water and wait . . .

Using a small stick, I made a little hole in which to tuck the seed(s).

Then, I found some sweet little fingers to help me out with these cute little seeds.  *melt*

After planting as many of one type of seeds as I wanted to plant, I recorded what seeds went in which space on this handy little chart I made in Excel (notice the name of the sticker on the tray at the bottom left so that I know what’s in each tray!):

And now, the waiting for germination begins!

As I mentioned before, I also used soup cans and yogurt containers to plant some seeds.  Now, I’m no artist, so my soup cans are plain.  But, a soup can herb garden has the potential to be really cute for those who have time and patience for art.  I’m all science, baby.  Except for music (piano, specifically), that’s my art (and my therapy).  I loved music theory, though.  A lot.

So, if you use soup cans you’ll want to hammer holes in the bottom for drainage.  Use a hammer and a sharp nail or screw.  The yogurt containers can be punctured quickly without the help of a hammer if you are using a sharp screw.

The finished product:

I still have to plant the strawberries,asparagus and flowers, but I’m taking a lunch break!  I cannot wait to get back outside on this beautiful day!  I promised myself this morning I would do nothing inside during the day that could be done once it is dark.  I’ve already given in by posting this before dark.  I must get back to playing, er, working with my seeds!


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