Coupon Savings

I did pretty well this week.  I included everywhere I shopped for groceries or household things.  I want to include the good, the bad and the ugly.  I do still buy some things at full price.  If I need it, I just need it.  However, with the stockpiling and planning meals around what is on sale I have to buy at full price less and less.  I included my Sam’s Club trip because I want to show how little you actually save at Sam’s.  I needed those things and there was nothing comparable on sale so I bought them.  I hope that one day I won’t have to shop at Sam’s at all.

My Publix haul was A-MAAAAZING. The Voskos yogurt was free.  I didn’t pay over a dollar for anything in the second picture except the strawberries which were a great deal at $1.67 per package. What is not pictured with each Publix picture is a $50 gas card.  So, the groceries in the Publix pictures were purchased for $50 less than the total purchase price.  Yes, that means that in the $58.64 photo I got all of those groceries for $8.64.

In the Kroger picture I accidentally added three containers of strawberries that I actually purchased with the 1st Publix photo.

At Earth Fare I had a coupon for a free bag of carrots, free rustic mashed potatoes and free whole chicken with a $10 purchase.  The container of berries was nearly gone before we got home.  Ds7 says berries are better than candy any day.  Love that kid.

In the Target picture you can see that the boxes of cereal bars each have $5 worth of coupons in them.  That’s $30 worth of coupons.  Those cereal bars may not have been a great deal, but they paid for themselves times two.

Some of the other packages I purchased at Publix and Kroger (cookies and cereal) also had $4-5 worth of coupons in them.

Total Spent:  $377.64 ($100 in gas cards makes the total spent on groceries $277.64)
Total Saved:   $344.21

That’s $621.86 worth of groceries for $277.64.  With our former grocery budget that was half a month’s worth of groceries.


Earth Fare


Earth Fare:
Spent $14.70  Saved $17.48





Spent $102.90  Saved $113.82
Spent $58.64  Saved $55.86





Spent $2.38  Saved $5.00  Got back $2 in ECB





Spent $26.38  Saved $65.54





Spent $112.68  Saved $77.27





Spent $16.57  Saved $6.24


Sam's Club

Sam's Club

Sam’s Club:

Spent  $43.39  Saved $3.00


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