Coupon Savings

Pretty good week this week.  Again, not stellar, but good enough to share.  Eventually I would like to do a no-shop week.  I could have done that this week because I have enough stock-piled and we don’t need anything.  However, I’m completely addicted to the savings.

Total Spent:  $ 42.97  Total Saved:  $101.64



Total Spent:  $26.99  Total Saved:  $40.45



Total Spent: $66.12   Total Saved:  $83.59



That’s $361.76 worth of grocery, toiletry, and household items for $136.08.



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  1. Posted by realanonymousgirl2011 on March 18, 2011 at 3:02 pm

    I hear ya! I’m a coupon addict too…..maybe not as much as you, but watching the price go down as the cashier scans your coupons and club card is a thrill! Wow! You have a lot of cheese and Lucky Charms!


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