CVS Coupon Savings

This morning I opened my email and realized that I had a $5 off $25 coupon for CVS which would expire today.  Quickly I checked out the new ad (which began today) to see if there was anything I could use this coupon for.  Of course, there was!

I decided that would not buy anything today which did not have and Extra Care Bucks deal attached to it.

I cannot get my picture to upload, but I’ll try again later.  For now, here is a list of what I purchased:
(8) Clorox 35 count Disinfecting Wipes
(1) Pantene Restoratives Beautiful Lengths Smoothing Balm
(1) Allegra 5ct
(2) Crest Pro-Health Complete Rinse

Total Spent:  $23.26  Total Saved:  $39.62

But the best part?  I received $19.50 in ECBs.  Yes, that means that the next time I’m in CVS I can purchase $19.50 worth of products (excluding prescriptions, alcohol, gift cards, lottery, money orders, stamps, pre-paid cards and tobacco) and only pay the tax.  Wow.  And, in addition to that, the Extra Care Bucks/coupon machine printed a $5 ECB coupon for me today.  Nice!

Now, if you’re like me, I had no faith in ECB in the beginning.  I know that drug stores ramp up prices like crazy.  I would never pay full price for something at a drug store.  Never!  Not when Walmart will have it for less, right?  Well, the thing is that Walmart products are generally one low price.  Even the sales don’t take the price down by much.  The sales at drug stores drop the prices quite a bit and when the drug stores are giving you money (ECBs, Register Rewards, etc) to spend, you can’t beat it.

Because I had time to do this today I compared the prices of what I bought to what I would have paid if I had bought these products at Walmart.

Pantene Restoratives Beautiful Lengths Smoothing Balm
I paid $4.99 , Walmart = $4.84

Clorox Wipes
I paid $2.00, Walmart = $1.93

Allegra 5ct
I paid $6.99, Walmart = 5.94

Crest ProHealth Complete Rinse
I paid $3.49, Walmart = $3.97

At Walmart I would have paid $17.16 (this includes my manufacturers coupons) before tax.  Because I had the $5 off coupon (they aren’t as rare as you might think.  I’ve had at least two this year so far) as well as my coupons I paid $20.96.

So, yeah, Walmart would have been over $3.00 less.  But–and this a big one!–I received those ECBs to spend the next time.  That $17 spent at Walmart would have only gotten me the items I purchased today.  The $20 spent at CVS will get me another $20 worth of products.


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