Coupon Organization

One of the most proactive ways to save is to organize your coupons.  If you don’t know which coupons you have or if you can’t get to them quickly then couponing is likely to become a huge waste of time.

There is no one correct way to organize your coupons.  I am going to tell you how I do it but I suggest you visit here to observe all of the options and find out what works for you.

I use hanging files to organize my whole coupon inserts.  I specifically use hanging files instead of an accordion file system because I want to be able to pull the folder out from time to time or rearrange the folders without having to redo the tabs.

(My mother gave me this after she retired from teaching.  You can find a hanging file box at office supply stores or Target, etc)

For the tabs to label the date of the insert, I use post-its.  For each month of inserts I use a different color post-it although eventually the colors will repeat.


For printable coupons I use a plastic box with a lid.  I found this on clearance at Target about a year ago.  You could use any box or basket with the length and width to fit a sheet of paper.


Let’s talk about binders.  I use a binder as well as a small accordion file.  These two come with me when I do my shopping.

In the front pocket of the binder I put receipts for easy access when I come home and post my savings.  In the accordion file part of the binder I put blinkie coupons, Catalina’s, etc, flyers, and coupon booklets that I pick up while shopping.

In the small accordion file I put Extra Care Bucks and Register Rewards, gift cards and store specific coupons that contain a dollar amount off a certain purchase amount.

The binder also serves as a place for my loose, already clipped coupons.  I purchased plastic business card holders and created tabs for various items such as cereal, dairy, drinks, canned/boxed foods, cleaning supplies, pharmacy, etc.

I have a small plastic basket for magazines, coupon booklets, flyers, etc.

And lastly, my dirty little secret . . .

This basket is filled with loose coupons, flyers, Catalinas, etc that live here until I have a chance to put them where they belong.


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