Life Our Way Blog Rules

If you are reading my blog for the first time there are a few rules of which you should be aware.

1.  This is, for the most part, a public blog.  That means anyone who can access the internet can read my blog.  I do publicize posts from time to time in order to generate more traffic.  Because I can never be sure who is reading my blog I do not use my name or the names of my family and friends and I do not give identifying details about my location.

—  When I mention my husband I use the internet-speak abbreviation of “dh” which stands for “dear husband”.  Well, at least most of the time it does.
—  When I mention my children I refer to them as “ds” followed by their ages.  For instance, at the time I am creating this post my oldest son is 9 and is referred to in the blog as “ds9”.
—  I do not publicly post pictures of my or my family’s faces or identifying locations.
—  From time to time I may make password protected posts containing my or my family’s real names, pictures and identifying locations.  If you are related to me by blood or marriage, if you are a Facebook friend of mine or my husband, or if you are a member of Gentle Christian Mothers community I will gladly share the password with you.  Please do not share the password with anyone.
—  If I have never met you–even if you are a friend of a relative–you may not have access to my private posts.  If I meet you someday and like you (<– that’s how I do jokes.  If you’re not looking for them you’ll miss them.) then you may have access as well.
—  If you are my client  you will not fit any of the above password requirements.  You are welcome to view the public portions of my blog but not the private ones.

2.   If you would like to post a comment on my blog I ask that you respect my decision for  anonymity by not using my name or the names of my family and friends.

—  All comments posted to my blog must first go through moderation meaning that I must approve them before they will show publicly.
—  If a comment mentions my name, the names of my family members or friends, or identifying details about my location I will change or delete that part of the comment before it is approved to post publicly.
—  If I edit a comment before approving it I will make a note on the comment that I edited it and give the reason for the edit.

3.  At times I may share my opinions about controversial subjects.  While I welcome comments stating viewpoints which differ from my own, I will not approve comments which attack my spiritual beliefs, parenting, education or lifestyle.

—  I welcome your curiosity about, different points of view on and especially new information relating to my views.
—  I will not approve comments stating your concern for me or my children because of my views or values. Those concerns should be addressed in a private message or email.
—  I will not approve comments in which my views and values or in which the views and values of other commenters are belittled.
—  I will not approve comments that contain name-calling either of myself or of others who have posted comments.
—  I will not approve comments that allude to or clearly state one’s involvement with illegal or unethical activities.

4.  Although I am a Marriage and Family Therapy Intern and am working on my Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy and although I will be making psycho-educational posts and posting about issues in psychology and therapy, etc I write this blog with my private-citizen hat firmly in place.

—  I do not write this blog as part of my practice of or training in Marriage and Family Therapy.
—  Any psycho-educational material I add this blog is not a replacement for therapy with a professional and should not be taken as such.

5.  I reserve the right to add to this list of rules at any time.


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