CVS–$50.57 for $1.35

Now, that certainly doesn’t look like $50 worth of product, does it?  Well, you know drug stores mark up their products more than a little bit.  Of course, it would probably only be $35-40 at Target or Walmart and you could always buy generic.  But I promise you wouldn’t get all of those items for $1.35 unless you know a thing or two about couponing.

Thanks to 13 coupons and $18.42 in ECBs, and less than $2 left on a CVS gift card, I was able to purchase all of this stuff for $1.35.  And that’s not all.  I walked away with $5 in ECBs to spend next shopping trip.  If my stores would have had Band-aid 8 count packs in stock I would have 10 packs of band-aids and another $5 in ECBs for $3.90 more.

This makes two CVS shopping trips in a row where I was essentially paid to go in to their store and take products home to try.  (Last week I bought four cans of Pledge for a a total of four dollars after coupons, used ECB to pay and received $4 in ECB.)


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