Shopping my pantry update

This week I didn’t do as well as I hoped.  I stayed within my $70 per week budget, but that’s because I barely spent anything at the drug stores.  I spent $68.00 at Publix.  I saved nearly $75, but I still went over my plan for $50 total for grocery store shopping.  Looks like I’m going to have to get stricter with myself about how much I can spend.  I’ve got my menus for the next six weeks planned.  (I’ll share those when I have time.)

I think I can do this for $30 per week.  It’s so tough to pass up the sales.  However, it’s wasteful to continue to stocking when I don’t have the space to do so.  In addition, if I continue to stock at this rate I will eventually not be able to use everything.

So, the new plan is still $20 per week at the drug stores ($10 at each store) and $30 per week for groceries.  There is a little fear that I’ll miss some great sales, but the truth is that these sales come around over and over.


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