Today I clipped dill from my herb garden right into my bowl of egg yolk mixture for the deviled eggs, marking the first item I’ve used from my garden this year.

Yesterday, a baseball slammed into my summer squash marking the first item damaged in my garden this year.  Hmph.  If the squash weren’t so easy to grow I’d be a little more upset, I’m sure.  With the right amount of rain, we’re about six weeks away from this or this or just eating them raw with some garlic and salt sprinkled on top.  Really.  Summer squash =  the taste of childhood summers.

The garden is doing well, for the most part.  My pumpkins never did great.  I believe a squirrel ate the seeds.  I replanted, straight into the ground this time and won’t know for a while if they will germinate.  Here’s to hopin’.

Here are some pictures from today.

Summer squash w/ butternut squash at the bottom right

Mesclun, getting more bitter by the day. I should probably eat it!

Beautiful butter head lettuce





Eggplant--still hanging in there.

Watermelon--also chugging along slowly

More tomatoes

Strawberries--not likely to produce fruit this year.

Carrot tops

oregano, chives, dill, sage, thyme, cilantro, and parsley. Not shown--basil and the little rosemary that could. Or at least I hope it can.


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