I really, really want to blog more.  I have a dream of blogging 3-4 times per week, chronicling life our way so that I can remember it–the tiny details of it that fade over time–long after life our way includes occasional phone calls and once-in-a-while holidays with our grown children.

But, the nature of life with children is so fast-paced.  And expensive.  And full.  It leaves little time for silly things such as a blog.

So, when I can steal minutes here and there I will.  And here I am.

Ds5 has just finished a shower fit for a sensory-seeking king.  He came to me around 5:30 and said he was ready for bed.  A full 1.5 hours before his bedtime.  Because I don’t want to be up at 4am, I suggested a nice, warm bath.  He countered with a request for a shower and after I washed his hair, he has spent the last 20 minutes spraying himself with every setting on the shower head and  rolling around in a now-cool tub of water.  And he loves it.  The pressure of the spray, the weird feeling of being submerged in water cooler than his body temperature.  Like I said, a sensory seeker’s dream.

Ds7 is quietly playing with play-doh and surely happy that his little brother is not poking him for sensory input.  He is narrating his play-doh creativity and waiting for the hot-water tank to refill for his turn with the hand-held shower head.

Ds9 is in his room playing baseball on the Playstation and muttering.  He is enjoying the peace, as well.

Peace around here has been in high demand lately.  There just hasn’t been enough of it.  We’ve learned to cherish it when we invite it and actually stops in for a spell.


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