Garden 5-31-11

I took these pictures over the weekend and am amazed at the growth in just three days.  At this point I have to start giving away summer squash to the neighbors because I can’t eat it as fast as it’s growing.  I don’t think I will grow summer squash next year.  I’m kinda over it.

Here are the latest pictures from my garden:

A hot pink lady bug.

Baby peppers! After all of their struggle, they are still growing.

The prize-winning squash. Thirteen inches long and twelve inches around. The squash beside it is one that I would have considered large before now.

Baby butternut becomes a toddler.

Tiny tomatoes.

And more tiny tomatoes. Pretty soon I'll be giving those to my neighbors as well.

Can you see the tiny watermelon?

One single cucumber, way ahead of the rest. It's lonely at the top. I bet it's yummy, too.

Corn. Purple corn. Awesome.


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