How to hard boil an egg

Sometime around my oldest child’s 2nd year old life I discovered that I had no idea how to hard boil an egg.  Seems like an easy way to make a quick protein-packed snack for a hungry, pregnant and nursing mother and her small, picky child.  My mother made them all the time.  How difficult is it to hard-boil an egg?

Harder than it looks, folks.  Harder than it looks.

My mother made perfectly cooked hard-boiled eggs.  With a gentle come-now, the shells of my mother’s hard-boiled eggs peeled easily off.  The yolks were firm and softly yellow with no hint that nasty gray ring that plagued my first 10 tries at making hard-boiled eggs.

For years I searched the internet from hither to yon (while reading Dr. Seuss to my babies) for the perfect hard-boiled egg recipe.  I tried this recipe and that.  I ended up with either still-slightly-gelatinous yolks or greying sulfuric yolks.  Blah!

And then, one magical day, I discovered the most genius egg-timer product.  Somewhere between the unique wine glasses and Asian dinnerware at World Market I found the Eggsact Egg Timer.  Place the Eggsact Egg Timer right in the pot with the eggs and water and fire up the stove-top.  When the egg timer turns from red to dark purple, take the eggs and the timer out and place them into a bowl of ice water.  When the Eggsact Egg Timer turns from dark purple to red, the eggs are ready to peel.  It doesn’t get easier than this to hard boil an egg.  And if it does, I don’t wanna know.  I’m only sorry I didn’t think of it first.



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