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Is it Spring yet?!

How about now?  Now?  What about now? 😐 I decided to upload a new blog theme although it is not officially Spring and I’m usually pretty anal about these sorts of things.  For instance, if you got married on June 19th, you did NOT have a summer wedding.  These are kind of things that I spent too much time fretting over.  I’m a classic ISTJ.

Anyway, I’m also coming down with another cold.  I am so over Winter I can hardly stand the thought of another few weeks of it.  I am just done.  Usually I love winter.  I’m not a fan of summer.  I don’t enjoy hot weather.  Fall is my favorite season, followed closely by Spring.  And Winter is just fine with me.  Not my favorite, but not terrible either.  Except for this year.  Blah.

Despite what feels like back to back colds/flu, being stressed to the max with school and my internship there have been some bright spots to this winter.  One is my oldest son’s involvement in basketball.  This was his first year playing rec league basketball after playing Upward basketball last year.  While Upward was fun, it was not nearly as competitive as the rec league.  I’m proud to say my little man did very well, even making the traveling team.  He and dh have been at his games all day today and the rest of us will meet them for his last game tonight.  (The little brothers didn’t want to go and would have probably been bored and I’m nursing a fever, so we’re sitting out the first three games.  I hate missing him play but I’d most likely be outside of the gym trying to keep ds7 and ds5 entertained anyway.)

Yesterday, after his rec team finished 2nd overall in the league, there was a shootout among all the teams.  Coaches were allowed to participate.  It was a fun end-of-the-season get-together but many players didn’t show up since it wasn’t a game.  Dh and ds9 shot together and very nearly broke into first place.  They tied three other groups of two and had a rematch.  They came in second place.  It was so much fun to watch.  My husband is generally a quiet, low-key kind of guy and to see him all fired up during this shoot out was awesome.  As much time as the two of them put in together practicing  in that very gym, it’s hard to believe they didn’t place 1st!  But, after all was said and done, they were in second place and with the help of the other team members who shot, the whole team came in second for the shootout.  Second place times three.  Not bad for ds9’s first year of rec.  And the memories he made with his team and with his dad yesterday are priceless.  Makes me tear up a bit . . . or maybe it’s just this rotten fever.  😛


Checking in

It’s been busy around and, of course, I’ve been getting over the.sickness.  Blah.  But I’m better and back in the day-to-day.

I had hoped that my next post would be all about how I “do” coupons.  I really do have a plan, a routine, that I follow in order to get the best deals.  I promise to share that soon.

But first, I have to get through mid-terms week.  There are simply not enough hours in the day.  I also have a conference (my very first conference I’ve attended for my profession!) on Friday and Saturday that will pretty much take up my whole weekend.  I’m thankful that it’s in my town so that could attend, but unfortunately, since I’m home I’ll be fitting in the regular mom-life around it.  At some point on those two days I have to chauffeur the children, get my house cleaned, cook dinner, buy a birthday present for a five year old and somehow get my own five year old to a birthday party.  Sure, dh will be around to help.  He does what he can, but you know . . . the hustling still falls to me.  /woeisme