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I really, really want to blog more.  I have a dream of blogging 3-4 times per week, chronicling life our way so that I can remember it–the tiny details of it that fade over time–long after life our way includes occasional phone calls and once-in-a-while holidays with our grown children.

But, the nature of life with children is so fast-paced.  And expensive.  And full.  It leaves little time for silly things such as a blog.

So, when I can steal minutes here and there I will.  And here I am.

Ds5 has just finished a shower fit for a sensory-seeking king.  He came to me around 5:30 and said he was ready for bed.  A full 1.5 hours before his bedtime.  Because I don’t want to be up at 4am, I suggested a nice, warm bath.  He countered with a request for a shower and after I washed his hair, he has spent the last 20 minutes spraying himself with every setting on the shower head and  rolling around in a now-cool tub of water.  And he loves it.  The pressure of the spray, the weird feeling of being submerged in water cooler than his body temperature.  Like I said, a sensory seeker’s dream.

Ds7 is quietly playing with play-doh and surely happy that his little brother is not poking him for sensory input.  He is narrating his play-doh creativity and waiting for the hot-water tank to refill for his turn with the hand-held shower head.

Ds9 is in his room playing baseball on the Playstation and muttering.  He is enjoying the peace, as well.

Peace around here has been in high demand lately.  There just hasn’t been enough of it.  We’ve learned to cherish it when we invite it and actually stops in for a spell.


Checking in

It’s been busy around and, of course, I’ve been getting over the.sickness.  Blah.  But I’m better and back in the day-to-day.

I had hoped that my next post would be all about how I “do” coupons.  I really do have a plan, a routine, that I follow in order to get the best deals.  I promise to share that soon.

But first, I have to get through mid-terms week.  There are simply not enough hours in the day.  I also have a conference (my very first conference I’ve attended for my profession!) on Friday and Saturday that will pretty much take up my whole weekend.  I’m thankful that it’s in my town so that could attend, but unfortunately, since I’m home I’ll be fitting in the regular mom-life around it.  At some point on those two days I have to chauffeur the children, get my house cleaned, cook dinner, buy a birthday present for a five year old and somehow get my own five year old to a birthday party.  Sure, dh will be around to help.  He does what he can, but you know . . . the hustling still falls to me.  /woeisme


The last weekend of summer vacation

Ds4 (and a half!) starts preschool on Monday.  His older brothers (despite my disapproving looks when they express it in front of him) are ecstatic.  They forget they were once four and just as four as their four year old brother is now.  Ds4 is excited, too, and has some of his friends from last year in his class again this year.  I’m excited for the four mornings per week to shop study alone.  It looks like I’d better take full advantage of that time for doing my school work, working out, grocery shopping, etc because I think I’ve found the place where I will be doing my internship.

It’s in private practice where I did not expect to ever work, really, but I have to be confident that God is trying to show me where He needs me.  Sure, when I was a 20 year old psychology/sociology undergrad I imagined that I’d eventually be that Hollywood stereotyped clinical psychologist/therapist but eventually working in a community agency setting became much more appealing.  I’m not interested in selling myself and if you’re going to pay the bills doing private practice, you’ve got to advertise your services and rely on referrals.  In community agency there are quotas to fill but the work is steady.  For whatever reason I have now been given an opportunity to do my clinicals in a private practice setting and so I am embracing it and cannot wait to get started.

The practice is beautiful, warm and inviting.  It’s not at all clinical-feeling.  It’s literally like walking into a friend’s home and sitting on her couch to chat.  Except your therapist is NOT your friend.  ‘Cause that’s a breech of ethics, folks!  But, warm and cozy decor is helpful in putting clients at ease, imo.

I’m suppose to start in mid-Oct if all the paperwork is done.  I have a ton of research to do about the area in which I will be working.  I’ll have to drive about 50 minutes each way, but the commute is worth it to me.  I love the drive time to clear my head of all things “supermom” and transform in to “incredible intern”.  (Someone hold me!  What if I can’t save the world?)

Anyway, so next week starts the crazy that is Fall in our home.  But don’t let me fool you.  I love every minute of it.  Ds9 is playing club soccer and rec soccer this year so that will keep us busy.  Ds6 didn’t want to play any sports or do any activities other than art class.  Ds4 is in tumbling and a month of swim lessons.

And now I must plan lessons for next week.