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I really, really want to blog more.  I have a dream of blogging 3-4 times per week, chronicling life our way so that I can remember it–the tiny details of it that fade over time–long after life our way includes occasional phone calls and once-in-a-while holidays with our grown children.

But, the nature of life with children is so fast-paced.  And expensive.  And full.  It leaves little time for silly things such as a blog.

So, when I can steal minutes here and there I will.  And here I am.

Ds5 has just finished a shower fit for a sensory-seeking king.  He came to me around 5:30 and said he was ready for bed.  A full 1.5 hours before his bedtime.  Because I don’t want to be up at 4am, I suggested a nice, warm bath.  He countered with a request for a shower and after I washed his hair, he has spent the last 20 minutes spraying himself with every setting on the shower head and  rolling around in a now-cool tub of water.  And he loves it.  The pressure of the spray, the weird feeling of being submerged in water cooler than his body temperature.  Like I said, a sensory seeker’s dream.

Ds7 is quietly playing with play-doh and surely happy that his little brother is not poking him for sensory input.  He is narrating his play-doh creativity and waiting for the hot-water tank to refill for his turn with the hand-held shower head.

Ds9 is in his room playing baseball on the Playstation and muttering.  He is enjoying the peace, as well.

Peace around here has been in high demand lately.  There just hasn’t been enough of it.  We’ve learned to cherish it when we invite it and actually stops in for a spell.


Slow, rainy day

Or least it was suppose to be a slow, rainy day.  But then, the 9 year old looked at the calender and reminded me that he and his brothers have a dentist appointment at 3pm.  So we have to leave the house after all.  It wouldn’t be such a big deal if we didn’t live 5 miles from the interstate.  Okay, so that isn’t such a big deal except that we have several detours to get around while the state rebuilds some bridges.  It adds 10-15 minutes to our travel time.   Blah.

The boys love their dentist.  They visit a pediatric dentist who has a cool set up for the kiddos.  Dentist visits have never been traumatic for us.  Uh, knock on wood.

Really, though, I just want to sit on the porch and sip my coffee for a while.  I don’t want to shower and dress today because I thought I didn’t have to.  *pout*  But, that’s life our way.

The big plans for today included finally getting my coupons organized so I take pictures of (and explain) the process I use to get great deals on groceries.  Hopefully I’ll still have time for that.

Is it Spring yet?!

How about now?  Now?  What about now? 😐 I decided to upload a new blog theme although it is not officially Spring and I’m usually pretty anal about these sorts of things.  For instance, if you got married on June 19th, you did NOT have a summer wedding.  These are kind of things that I spent too much time fretting over.  I’m a classic ISTJ.

Anyway, I’m also coming down with another cold.  I am so over Winter I can hardly stand the thought of another few weeks of it.  I am just done.  Usually I love winter.  I’m not a fan of summer.  I don’t enjoy hot weather.  Fall is my favorite season, followed closely by Spring.  And Winter is just fine with me.  Not my favorite, but not terrible either.  Except for this year.  Blah.

Despite what feels like back to back colds/flu, being stressed to the max with school and my internship there have been some bright spots to this winter.  One is my oldest son’s involvement in basketball.  This was his first year playing rec league basketball after playing Upward basketball last year.  While Upward was fun, it was not nearly as competitive as the rec league.  I’m proud to say my little man did very well, even making the traveling team.  He and dh have been at his games all day today and the rest of us will meet them for his last game tonight.  (The little brothers didn’t want to go and would have probably been bored and I’m nursing a fever, so we’re sitting out the first three games.  I hate missing him play but I’d most likely be outside of the gym trying to keep ds7 and ds5 entertained anyway.)

Yesterday, after his rec team finished 2nd overall in the league, there was a shootout among all the teams.  Coaches were allowed to participate.  It was a fun end-of-the-season get-together but many players didn’t show up since it wasn’t a game.  Dh and ds9 shot together and very nearly broke into first place.  They tied three other groups of two and had a rematch.  They came in second place.  It was so much fun to watch.  My husband is generally a quiet, low-key kind of guy and to see him all fired up during this shoot out was awesome.  As much time as the two of them put in together practicing  in that very gym, it’s hard to believe they didn’t place 1st!  But, after all was said and done, they were in second place and with the help of the other team members who shot, the whole team came in second for the shootout.  Second place times three.  Not bad for ds9’s first year of rec.  And the memories he made with his team and with his dad yesterday are priceless.  Makes me tear up a bit . . . or maybe it’s just this rotten fever.  😛

Turf Toe!

Ds9 has turf toe.  And he played a whole soccer game with his turf toe.  Ugh!  There was a big crash not too long into the game that left my son on the ground writhing in pain and me thinking that he’d gotten hit in the face.  His coach helped him off the field and gave us a thumbs up but I was not convinced.  A little while later my son hobbled back onto the field and seemed to play fairly well.  We could tell something off but we figured it was the heat, the fact that this was the first soccer game of the season and that he was upset because the game was not going well at all.  (Yeah, we lost, like, 8-0.)

At lunch after the game he hobbled around the buffet and I assumed he was being a bit dramatic, cause, well, he has a history of drama.  *shrug*  When we got home, I realized that it was just as bad as he claimed.  I was explaining the injury to my husband this morning, who was still firmly in the the-child-should-be-an-actor camp and smacked his forehead and said, “TURF TOE!”  He asked my son a few questions, looked at his toe, and sure enough, it’s turf toe. 

Apparently as he was kicking the ball upward, another child was bringing his foot down hard and they met mid-air, my son’s toe was forced  down while his heel was still up . . . or something. 

Rec soccer doesn’t even start until tomorrow and Coach Dad needs his MVP.  I don’t know how I’m going to get him to sit out for a week.  The truth is that I’m not going to be able to get him to sit out.  He wants to play.  I have to trust him to not over do.  Hmmm.