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New Year’s Day–Introvert Edition

Happy New Year!  Today my husband, oldest son and youngest son are out-of-town celebrating the new year with my in-laws.  My middle son and I are hanging at home.  He is feeling done with holiday partying and didn’t want to go.  While I can pull myself together and go do the social thing again, I was secretly glad that he didn’t want to go so I’d have an excuse to hang at home.  It’s a dreary day out–not great for traveling a couple of hours away.  It is a wonderful day for staying in and giving the lesson plans some attention.

Yes, ds7 and I are the most introverted in our family although my husband and oldest son are slightly more introverted than extroverted.  We’re still not sure about the baby.  We’ll know better in a few more years, I’m sure.

Anyway, ds7 and I stayed home.  Sort of.  The rest of the family wasn’t out of the driveway before he asked me if I could take him to spend his Christmas money.  Ha!  He knew he’d have a better chance of getting me to go as well as getting to go to as many stores as he wanted if he was the only child with me.  Smart kid!  So, off we went.  Four friends of Thomas, a bag of Twizzlers and a lunch from BK later we are back home to enjoy the quiet of the rest of this day.


I am not a fan of old.  I refuse to age gracefully and plan to enter old age kicking and screaming.  I despise antiques and can’t simply appreciate something because it’s been around a long time.  And, I’m especially ready to say good riddance to 2010.  This year has only confirmed my beliefs about the need for new.

I’ve mentioned before that this was not a great year for us.  It was filled with loss, uncertainty and near tragedy.  However, I would be a liar if I didn’t admit that I’ve grown as a person this year.  I’ve grown as a wife and a mother also.  I can see the blessings that occurred in the midst and because of the painful things that happened.  My marriage is stronger and our old patterns of communication and living were broken and we were able to create new ways of doing things.  I am no longer in parenting survival mode as my children are getting older and more independent.

This year I’ve said good-bye to old things, old ways and I am better for it.  I welcome 2011 with open arms–no matter what it may hold.

Happy New Year!

A week ago our power went out unexpectedly (hmmm . . . is it ever expected when the power goes out?) and because the temperature in the house was dropping rapidly as the sun went down we decided to grab some dinner out and take a drive to look at the Christmas lights in various subdivisions.  We started doing this when Drew was a baby at the surprising suggestion of my holidays-are-just-another-day-minded husband and for a several years it was a tradition.  For whatever reason we hadn’t done it in a couple of years.  It was nice to do it again now that all of the children can see out of the van windows and comment.

The day marked seven years since we had bought and moved into our current place. We decided to take the boys to see the first home we lived in, the first homes of ds9 and ds7.  (The first home of ds4 is the home in which we currently live.)  The memories of our time in these quaint rental homes, in the neighboring town which will always be home to me although it is not my home town, began to flood my mind.  I realized that since we moved into our current home I’ve felt a bit out of control of things around the house.  I’m a bit of a perfectionist and having a spotless home used to be high on my list of priorities.  Since doubling our square footage and adding a third child, finishing my bachelor’s degree and working on my master’s, holding down the fort while my husband worked endless hours, adding pets and having children who walk, talk and make big kid messes, I have lost control over my home.

Sure, I keep it clean.  The boys help and the husband, too, when he has time.  But the deep organization that used to be a way of life for me has had to take a back seat to school, home schooling, family time, extracurriculars, SLEEP and the stuff of five people.  I say every December when I’m out of school for nearly a month that I will finally tackle the closets and the cabinets and the playroom.  And somehow life always takes up more time and energy that I anticipate.  And now with an internship to complete I have even less time.  And once that’s done I’ll be working full time.  And . . . and . . . and . . .


So, today I vow to do something–no matter how small–every day until I have my home completely organized once again.  Whether it’s starting a bag of unused clothes and toys for charity or rearranging one shelf in one cabinet, every day until order is restored I will do something.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. –Confucius