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Let’s talk about schedules

That’s an explosive word in AP circles.  I’m not talking about baby feeding schedules.  Sorry, moms of new ones, I don’t believe feeding and sleeping schedules are the way to go. Now, I don’t believe they are terribly damaging, but I think there is a much better way. 

 I do believe strongly in routine.  The problem with routine is that, when your children are very young,  you have to be prepared to change that routine as your children’s sleep and food needs change.  But I’ve found that it’s good practice for how the routines of life change over time as your family grows, the children do various activities at different times of the year and no routine or schedule is exactly the same for more than a couple of months at a time.

Now that my children are preschool and school aged and I don’t have any babies or toddlers to nurse or parent to sleep it’s much easier to make a schedule.  I will post our schedule in another post because I love so much to see how other families days play out and maybe my schedule will help another mom to find more hours in her day. 

When I first thought about all I’d have to do this Fall, I gasped at the lack of time.  But when I schedule it all out, I find there is more than enough time for everything I need to do and most of what I want to do!

I recommend making your schedule pretty  like this one.  I had a notebook a couple of years that I decorated with pretty paper and embellishments and it held my cleaning schedule, menu planning pages, daily schedule, etc.  I tend to keep everything on the computer now since my guys don’t look at it anyway.  But pretty is motivating for me, I find.  🙂


Home schooling–a day in the life.

You know, as much as I schedule and plan and organize we do not really have a typical day around here.  There are just too many variables.  But, now that those variables do NOT include a baby or child who nurses, naps or otherwise controls the schedule for us it’s a bit easier to keep things flowing. 

For now, and until my youngest begins preschool and they all start back to activities such as art classes, soccer, swim lessons, etc, our days look a lot like today did:

6:oo–up for the day with the 4 year old and I have coffee, let the dogs out and feed them, start breakfast, having computer time, etc
7:30–by this time the older two are awake.  The boys usually watch some TV and then eat breakfast and I get ready to go jogging.
8:15–we leave for the Sportplex where my husband is already working out and I drop them off with him around 8:30 and go run around the outside track.  2 miles of run/walking, five days a week!  I love this time alone in my head.
9:30–I’m done and join the family in the gym where they are usually playing basketball.  Home school P.E.!  I watch for a bit and then head home with whomever is coming with me. 
10:00–I fix snacks for anyone who needs my help, grab something for myself, let the dogs out and back in and either head out for errands or clean.  I always manage about 15 minutes of computer time here, too.  Gotta work on that farm, ya know!
12:30–LUNCH!  Dogs go out again.
1:00–The home school portion of our day begins.  I work with one on one with either my 9 yr old or 6 yr old and then we all come together for science and social studies.  If my husband helps out by working one on one with either boy it takes about 1.5 hours off of the total time we spend home schooling.  He can’t always do it, but it really makes a difference when he does.  In fact, I have time to write this blog today because he was able to home school the 6 yr old while I worked with the 9yr old.
3-4:00-Home schooling is over and I clean, prep for dinner, or have computer time if the cleaning is done. When school is in for me I use this time to read or do my own school work. Oh, and the dogs take another potty break and are fed promptly at 5pm.
6:00–dinner clean up
6:30–start bedtime routine with the 4 year old
7:30–he is usually asleep by this time and this is my time to work on my own school work (most of the home school lesson planning and prep is done on weekends)  The dogs take their final potty break.
8:30–the older two go to bed and the house gets really quiet
10:00–I try to be in bed by this time. 

So, no, there isn’t a lot of time, especially when I’m in school, too.  And then when the extracurriculars are factored in it gets really crazy.  I spend most weekends during the Fall gasping to catch my breath from the week and frantically doing my own school work. 

Yes, I do think it’s worth it.  🙂